The health of the individual and the health of the world around us are integral to each other.  From our internal microbiota to the microbes in our soil, from our own mental health to our mental health systems and our social structures, we cannot separate ourselves from our environment.  At times the effort to reform and refocus our world to serve the well-being of each precious human life seems a daunting challenge, but step by step things are changing.

I decided to convene this Health Summit to help raise awareness of the knowledge and research of the last decade or so, which our speakers present so eloquently in their books and on other platforms, and also to bring together a diverse group of dynamic experts and executives, in the sure confidence that what we can create together is going to be more exciting and far-reaching than what we can achieve individually.

At Goodwood our organic farm produces top quality meat and grain from healthy pasture-fed animals and a rotational cropping system. Our produce is sold locally, and also underpins the Gut Health Programme, created 12 years ago by Stephanie Moore and Elaine Williams, which we run at Goodwood Hotel.  These 5-day retreats support people to make extraordinary changes in their individual lives.  We know that what we are doing at Goodwood has a ripple effect, but we really want to supercharge this mission, and so here we are today, with 100 people in the room, and a much larger on-line audience, ready to listen, learn and make a change in the world.

The Duchess of Richmond and Gordon

Health Summit